Application Young Scientist Award

Young Scientist Award – Nominations are open until July 15, 2018

In case of any problems with filling out the Nomination Form, the application can be sent in accordance with the following instruction.

To be eligible for the Young Scientist Award, a person must satisfy the following criteria:

Not be older than 35 years old or be a Ph.D. student.
Attend the ICLP conference and give the presentation or poster.
Be the main contributor of the submitted paper.
Not be a past recipient of the YS Award.

Nomination/Application (You are allowed to nominate yourself)
Please introduce your nominations before July 15, 2018 sending an email to, with the following information:

Has the nominee been the recipient of the YSA before? (Y/N)
Is the nominee the main contributor to the paper? (Y/N)
(Identification of the paper)
Title of the paper
Ref. # of the paper
(Identification of the nominee)
Title of the nominee (e.g. Mr., Ms., Dr.)
Full name of the nominee
Organization of the nominee
Country of residence of the nominee
Email of the nominee
Age of the nominee
Is the nominee a Ph.D. student? (Y/N)
(Identification of the supervisor, if applicable)
Name of PhD supervisor of the nominee
Organization of the supervisor of the nominee

Please double check to certify the correctness of all the information given. Applications with incomplete information cannot be considered.