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2018 34th International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP)

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Sunday, 2 September 2018
(Hotel Rzeszow)
(Hotel Rzeszow)
(Hotel Rzeszow)
(Hotel Rzeszow)
(Hotel Rzeszow)
(Hotel Rzeszow)
Monday, 3 September 2018
(Room A)
(Room A)
(Room A)

Weitao Lyu
State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Beijing, China

Lightning Optical Observation at TOLOGWeitao Lyu, China
(Room A)

Silvério Visacro
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Recent Advances in Lightning Research and their Impact on the Protection of Electric SystemsSilverio Visacro, Brazil
(Room P)

Topics: Lightning physics; Lightning discharge; Lightning occurrence characteristics; High-voltage/triggered lightning experiments for simulation of lightning effects; Lightning safety, medicine and education

Session Chair: Marcelo M. F. Saba, Brazil

Error Analysis of Total Lightning location System Based on Monte Carlo MethodLi Cai, China; Xin Zou, China; Jianguo Wang, China; Yadong Fan, China; Quanxin Li, China; Wenbo Yu, ChinaAnalysis on the Lightning Flash Activities Over Beijing Area Based on Beijing Lightning NetworkDongfang Wang, China; Yuan Shanfeng, China; Abhay Srivastava; Zhuling Sun; Zhixiong Chen; Jinling LiInvestigation of Possible Role of Hydrometeor Arrays on Subsequent Stroke Initiation Using System of Artificial Thunderstorm Cells of Negative PolarityAlexander Temnikov, Russia; Leonid Chernensky, Russia; Alexander Orlov, Russia; Nikolay Lysov, Russia; Daria Zhuravkova, Russia; Olga Belova, Russia; Tatiana Kivshar, Russia; Inna Kalugina, Russia; Vadim Voevodin, RussiaPreliminary results of lightning current measurements at the 356 m high Shenzhen Meteorological Gradient Tower in South ChinaYuexin YANG, China; Zongxu QIU, China; Zilong QIN, China; Mingli CHEN, China; Yaping DU, ChinaAutomated Discrimination of Lightning Stepped Leader Stage from the Power Spectrum Density of the Related Electric Field RecordingsGrzegorz Karnas, Poland; Grzegorz Maslowski, Poland; Piotr Barański, PolandA Study on High-Perfomance Fuse against Surge CurrentNaomichi Nakamura, Japan; Hidetoshi Takada, Japan; Jun Kato, JapanThe effect of air pressure on evolution of gas density and temperature inside a leader channelXinyu Ma, China; Chijie Zhuang, China; Zezhong Wang, China; Yingzhe Cui, China; Rong Zeng, China; Te Li, ChinaAnalysis of negative narrow bipolar events associated with blue discharges in active deep convectionFeifan Liu, China; Wenwei Wang , China; Baoyou Zhu, China; Ming Ma, ChinaUsing Lightning Cell Characteristics to generate Earth Network Dangerous Thunder Storm Alerts (DTA)Michael Stock, United States; Jeff Lapierre, United States; Saiadithya Cumbulam Thangaraj, United States; Mark Hoekzema, United StatesAn Investigation on Frequency of Lightning Strokes to Distribution Lines by Video Camera ObservationKenichi Kanatani, Japan; Satoshi Morimatsu, Japan; Susumu Matsuura, Japan; Kazuo Shinjo, JapanA study of lightning location system (Blitz) based on VLF sfericsTomomi Narita, Japan; Egon Wanke, Germany; Mitsuteru Sato, Japan; Takeshi Sakanoi, Japan; Akiko Kumada, Japan; Masashi Kamogawa, Japan; Hirohiko Ishikawa, Japan; Shigemi Harada, Japan; Takao Kameda, Japan; Fuminori Tsuchiya, Japan; Eiji Kaneko, Japan
Lightning physicsLP of power systems
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Vladimir A. Rakov, USA; Grzegorz Maslowski, Poland

Three Types of M-Components and ICC-Pulses and their Characteristics, obtained from Negative Upward Lightning Measured at the Peissenberg TowerChristian Paul, Germany; Fridolin Heidler, GermanyThe power, energy, momentum and the action of the electromagnetic radiation fields of lightning return strokesVernon Cooray, SwedenLatitude dependence of peak lightning return stroke current- A theoretical explanationVernon Cooray, SwedenCharacterisation of lightning flashes from changing electric field measurements in Johannesburg, South AfricaJesse Tasman, South Africa; Carina Schumann, South Africa; Hugh Hunt, South Africa; Haydn Fensham, South Africa; Ken Nixon, South Africa; Marcelo Saba, Brazil; Tom Warner, United StatesCharacteristics of return strokes associated with upward lightning flashes observed in winterMikihisa SAITO, Japan; Masaru ISHII, JapanAn Outline of Lightning Research Development in PolandMarek Loboda, Poland; Zdobyslaw Flisowski, Poland; Grzegorz Maslowski, Poland; Stanislaw Wojtas, Poland

Session Chairs: Alexandre Piantini, Brazil; Maria Teresa Correia de Barros, Portugal

A Blackout caused by Multiple Lightning Strikes to a Lightly-loaded Interconnection Consisting of Three 500 kV Power Lines in a Joint CorridorAbdul M. Mousa, Canada; Mukesh Nagpal, Canada; Zhixian (Tony) Jiao, CanadaApplication of a Simplified Corona Discharge Model to a Lightning Surge Simulation with the PEEC MethodPeerawut Yutthagowith, Thailand; Huu Thang Tran, Japan; Yoshihiro Baba, Japan; Vladimir A. Rakov, United States; Akihiro Ametani, CanadaConcerns on surge-arrester application for improving the backflashover rate of transmission linesSilverio Visacro, Brazil; Barbara P. Silva, Brazil; Fernando H. Silveira, Brazil; Rafael M. Gomes, BrazilDesigning Method of Insulation Strength and Lightning Protection for Overhead Power Distribution linesShigeru Yokoyama, Japan; Tomoyuki Sato, JapanMitigation of Lightning-Induced Overvoltages Using Shield Wires: Application of the Response Surface MethodMassimo Brignone, Italy; Daniele Mestriner, Italy; Renato Procopio, Italy; Farhad Rachidi, Switzerland; Alexandre Piantini, BrazilOn-site Survey of Damage Due to Winter Lightning in Tohoku RegionTomoyuki Sato, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, Japan
CanteenSenate Hall
Lightning occurrenceLP of buildings
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Gerhard Diendorfer Austria; Masaru Ishii, Japan

Current and Electric Field Changes Associated with the Initial Stage of Upward LightningNaomi Watanabe, United States; Amitabh Nag, United States; Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Hannes Pichler, Austria; Wolfgang Schulz, AustriaMeteorological aspects of winter upward lightning from an instrumented tower in the PyreneesNicolau PINEDA, Spain; Joan MONTANYA, Spain; David ROMERO, Spain; Joan BECH, Spain; Enric CASELLAS, Spain; Sergi GONZALEZ, SpainOn the Classification of Self-Triggered versus Other-Triggered Lightning FlashesAntonio Sunjerga, Switzerland; Amirhossein Mostajabi, Switzerland; Nicolau Pineda, Spain; David Romero, Spain; Oscar van der Velde, Spain; Mohammad Azadifar, Switzerland; Marcos Rubinstein, Switzerland; Joan Montanya, Spain; Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Farhad Rachidi, SwitzerlandOn the Impact of Meteorological Conditions on the Initiation of Upward Lightning Flashes from Tall StructuresAmirhossein Mostajabi, Switzerland; Antonio Sunjerga, Switzerland; Mohammad Azadifar, Switzerland; Alexander Smorgonskiy, Switzerland; Marcos Rubinstein, Switzerland; Farhad Rachidi, Switzerland; Gerhard Diendorfer, AustriaOptical Lightning Mesurement System and First ResultsChristian Paul, Germany; Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Wolfgang Schulz, AustriaThe Design for the Lightning Nowcasting and Warning System and its ApplicationQing Meng, China; Wen Yao, China; Liangtao Xu, China; Fei Wang, China; Weitao Lv, China; Yijun Zhang, China

Session Chairs: Pantelis Mikropoulos, Greece; Istvan Kiss, Hungary

Currents on Electric Installation Lines in Case of Equipotential Bonding at Roof LevelFridolin Heidler, Germany; Alessandra Camara, GermanyCurrents and Electric Field Characteristics at Structure during Direct Lightning Strike and Issue of Separation DistanceOleksii Bondar, Ukraine; Volodymyr Shostak, Ukraine; Thomas Smatloch, GermanyOn the Assessment of the Voltage Drop between two Lightning Protection Zones Connected by a Signal LineFrançois GRANGE, France; Alexandre SELLIER, France; Sébastien JOURNET, France; Farid Paul DAWALIBI, CanadaSimulation of the performance of the external lightning protection systemN Sapumanage, Sri Lanka; M Fernando, Sri Lanka; V Cooray, SwedenSubtleties affecting the efficiency of the structure lightning and overvoltage protectionZdobysław Flisowski, Poland; Przemysław Sul, PolandLightning Surge Analysis of a PWR Nuclear Power Plant Using the Three-Dimensional FDTD MethodAkiyoshi Tatematsu, Japan; Hideki Motoyama, Japan; Akihiro Tanigawa, Japan
Lightning dischargeLightning attachment
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Vernon Cooray, Sweden; Alberto De Conti, Brazil

The leader propagation velocity in long air gapsLiliana Arevalo, Sweden; Dong Wu, Sweden; Pasan Hettiarachchi, Sweden; Vernon Cooray, Sweden; Andre Lobato, Sweden; Mahbubur Rahman, Sweden; Chin-Leong Wooi, SwedenWavelet denoising using optimal selection of wavelet mother for compact intracloud dischargesFernando Diaz-Ortiz, Colombia; Francisco Roman, ColombiaObservation of a lightning flashover with a high-speed video cameraMarcelo M. F. Saba, Brazil; Miltom Shigihara, Brazil; Clóvis Y. Kodaira, BrazilUsing Low-level Currents Measured during Lightning Events to Estimate Upward Leader PropertiesMarley Becerra, Sweden; Lipeng Liu, Sweden; Marcelo M. F. Saba, Brazil; Silverio Visacro, Brazil

Session Chairs: Joan Montanya, Spain; Wolfgang Schulz, Austria

Features of negative and positive leaders of negative CG lightning according to simultaneous records of current, E-field, luminosity and high-speed videosMiguel Guimaraes, Brazil; Marcelo Arcanjo, Brazil; Maria Helena Murta Vale, Brazil; Silvério Visacro, Brazil; Paula Teixeira, BrazilEstimating the electric field above the top of grounded structures upon UCL initiation in CG lightning from close E-field measured over the groundMarcelo Arcanjo, Brazil; Miguel Guimarães, Brazil; Kevin Mázala, Brazil; Silverio Visacro, BrazilHigh-Speed Video Observations of Downward Negative Lightning Attachment to Tall Structures at the Kennedy Space CenterJonathan Hill, United States; Carlos Mata, United StatesExperimental Study on Lightning Attachment Manner to Rotation Wind Turbine BladeZixin Guo, China; Qingmin Li, China; Wanshui Yu, China; Waqas Arif, China; Yufei Ma, China; Wah Hoon Siew, United Kingdom
Tuesday, 4 September 2018
Lightning occurrenceGrounding
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Carina Schumann, South Africa

Assessment of ball lightning cases by correlated LLS dataAlexander KEUL, Austria; Gerhard DIENDORFER, AustriaPerformance evaluation of the SALDN using high-speed camera footage of ground truth lightning events over Johannesburg, South AfricaHaydn Fensham, South Africa; Carina Schumann, South Africa; Hugh Hunt, South Africa; Jesse Tasman, South Africa; Ken Nixon, South Africa; Tom Warner, United States; Morne Gijben, South AfricaLiOn ground truth data in correlation with ALDIS LLS detectionsLukas Schwalt, Austria; Stephan Pack, Austria; Wolfgang Schulz, AustriaAudible Frequency Analysis of Ground FlashesSidath Abegunawardana, Sri Lanka; J A P Bodhika, Sri Lanka; Sankha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Upul Sonnadara, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenSound Source Localization of Lightning DischargesSidath Abegunawardana, Sri Lanka; J A P Bodhika, Sri Lanka; Ruwan Abewardhana, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenTests of Video Cameras for Lightning Monitoring SystemVolodymyr Shostak, Ukraine; Roman Prylepa, Ukraine; Oleksandr Kozlov, Ukraine

Session Chairs: Marek Loboda, Poland; Manu Haddad, UK

Lightning and Low-Frequency Performance of Interconnected Grounding Systems of Wind TurbinesRafael Alipio, Brazil; Maria Teresa Correia de Barros, Portugal; Marco Aurélio O. Schroeder, Brazil; Kazuo Yamamoto, JapanAchievements in the Measurement of Tower-footing Impulse Impedance of Transmission LineSilvério Visacro, Brazil; Miguel Guimarães, Brazil; Caio Henrique Oliveira, BrazilFrequency Approach in the Analysis of the Lightning Current Ground Reflection CoefficientJovan Cvetic, Serbia; Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Milan Ignjatovic, Serbia; Dragan Pavlovic, SerbiaInfluence of electrode geometry and ground parameters on transient grounding impedance for small lightning currentShinya Yagi, Japan; Koji Michishita, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, JapanLimitations on Using Closed-Forms in Modelling Horizontal Grounding ElectrodesRodolfo Moura, Brazil; Antonio Carlos Lima, Brazil; Marco Aurelio Schroeder, Brazil; Teresa Correia de Barros, PortugalDiscussion of Measurement Methods of Impulse Grounding ImpedanceBo Zhang, China; Sen Wang, China; Zhizhong Li, China; Jinliang He, China; Jian Zhang, China; Wei Li, China
(Room P)

Topics: Lightning down-conductors and grounding; Lightning protection of buildings;  Lightning protection of power systems

Session Chair: Abdul Mousa, Canada

Lightning Information Management Systems, a Usefull Tool to Take Accurate Decitions. Study Case: Chivor – Rubiales Transmission LineJamer Gonzalez, Colombia; Daniel Aranguren, Colombia; Juan Inampues, Colombia; Soley Cruz, Colombia; Horacio Torres, Colombia; John Gomez, Colombia; Carlos Arango, Colombia; Fernando Asenjo, ColombiaInterpreting Coating Stress Voltages on Underground Gas Pipelines Due To Lightning Strikes on Adjacent Power LinesAndreas Dimitriou, Cyprus; Charalambos A. Charalambous, CyprusLightning Invaded Overvoltage Monitoring Technology in Substation Based on the Principle of ZnO Lightning Arrester Block Voltage DividingYu Zhang, China; Qing Yang, ChinaIgnacy Moscicki’s Contribution to Lightning Overvoltage Protection of Power SystemsJerzy Hickiewicz, Poland; Piotr Rataj, Poland; Grzegorz Maslowski, PolandEffect of RTV Coating Material on Electric Field Distribution and Voltage Profiles on Polymer Insulator under Lightning ImpulseFarah Adilah Jamaludin, Malaysia; Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab-Kadir, Malaysia; Mahdi Izadi, Malaysia; Norhafiz Azis, Malaysia; Jasronita Jasni, Malaysia; Muhammad Syahmi Abdul Rahman, Malaysia; Miszaina Osman, MalaysiaAnalysis of Lightning Damage to Low-Voltage Circuits in Substations and Hydroelectric Power PlantsMasanobu Yoshida, Japan; Soichi Moriguchi, Japan; Masahito Shimizu, Japan; Katsumi Uchida, JapanBreaking Characteristics of 60 mm2 OPGW Strands due to DC Arc Simulating High-Energy Lightning StrikeMikimasa Iwata, Japan; Toshiya Ohtaka, Japan; Masashi Kotari, Japan; Yutaka Goda, JapanEffect of Grounding System on Lightning Performance of Automation Equipment for Distribution SystemShingo Hara, Japan; Kazuyuki Ishimoto, Japan; Ryota Mori, Japan; Nobutaka Arai, Japan; Akira Asakawa, JapanInvestigation of Lightning Current Distribution in a Large-Scale Earth-Termination System of Photovoltaic Power PlantJosef Birkl, Germany; Eduard Shulzhenko, GermanyStudy of Electric Field and Charge Flow in Finitely Conducting Soil produced by direct strike to groundRupam Pal, India; Udaya Kumar, IndiaWide Band Modeling of Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Transformers WindingQingqing Ding, China; Bingqian Wang, China; Jingwei Fu, China; Ling Ruan, China
Lightning physicsGrounding
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Vladimir A. Rakov, USA; Yoshihiro Baba, Japan

On the Similarity of Electric Field Signatures of Upward and Downward Negative LeadersMohammad Azadifar, Switzerland; Marcos Rubinstein, Switzerland; Farhad Rachidi, Switzerland; Vladimir Rakov, United States; Davide Pavanello, SwitzerlandShock Waves from a Lightning DischargeChristian Karch, Germany; Robert Honke, Germany; Manfred Schreiner, Germany; Johannes Wolfrum, GermanyCharacteristics of thunder pertinent to tropical lightningJ.A.P. Bodhika, Sri Lanka; W.G.D. Dharmarathna, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenProperties of Channel Extension and Expansion of Upward Positive Connecting Leader from Tall TowerYan GAO, Hong Kong; Mingli CHEN, Hong Kong; Zilong QIN, Hong Kong; Ya-ping DU, Hong Kong; Zongxu QIU, ChinaThundercloud Radio Emission Observations with High Temporal ResolutionAnatoly Karashtin, Russia; Yury Shlyugaev, Russia; Aleksey Bulatov, Russia; Olga Karashtina, Russia; Fedor Kuterin, Russia; Petr Mikryukov, RussiaComparison between upward positive and negative leaders in the initial stageXiushu Qie, China; Rubin Jiang, China; Yunjiao Pu, China; Mingyuan Liu, China; Zhuling Sun, China; Hongbo Zhang, Ghana; Dongfang Wang, China; Zhixiong Chen, China; Gaopeng Lu, China

Session Chairs: Marek Loboda, Poland; Shozo Sekioka, Japan

Experimental Results Soil Ionization Transient ImpedanceAngélica Chitiva-Reyes, Colombia; Francisco J. Román Campos, Colombia; Francisco J. Amórtegui Gil, ColombiaLaboratory Measurement of the Low-Frequency Electrical Properties of SandZacharias Datsios, Greece; Pantelis Mikropoulos, Greece; Ioannis Karakousis, GreeceMesh width of ground grids in shelters with small base areas for low step voltages at lightning currentsMichael Rock, Germany; Eduard Shulzhenko, Germany; Klaus-Peter Müller, Germany; Reinhard Schüngel, GermanyComparative analysis of numerical calculations and computer models of groundings with using GEM technologyKonrad Sobolewski, Poland; Maciej Ciuba, PolandA conductor arrangement that overcomes the effective length issue in transmission line grounding: full-scale measurementsCarlos Caetano, Brazil; José Paulino, Brazil; Wallace Boaventura, Brazil; Alexander Lima, Brazil; Ivan Lopes, Brazil; Eduardo Cardoso, BrazilA simplified method for calculating the impedance of vertical grounding electrodes buried in a horizontally stratified multilayer groundCarlos Caetano, Brazil; Raphael Louro, Brazil; José Paulino, Brazil; Wallace Boaventura, Brazil; Ivan Lopes, Brazil; Eduardo Cardoso, Brazil
CanteenRoom V319
Lightning dischargeLP of electronic
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Marcelo M. F. Saba, Brazil; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka

Analysis of Channel Tortuosity using 8 m Long Laboratory SparksChandana Perera, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando , Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray , SwedenA Simple Current waveform model for Narrow Bipolar PulsesFeifan Liu, China; Baoyou Zhu, China; Ming Ma, China; Wenwei Wang, ChinaCharacterization of Electric Fields Produced by Preliminary Breakdown Pulses Observed in Bogota, ColombiaCamilo Alejandro Granados, Colombia; Herbert Enrique Rojas, Colombia; Carlos Andrés Rivera, Colombia; Francisco José Román, ColombiaInfluence of Model Hydrometeors on Initiation of Discharge Phenomena between Artificial Thunderstorm Cells of Different PolarityAlexander Temnikov, Russia; Leonid Chernensky, Russia; Alexander Orlov, Russia; Nikolay Lysov, Russia; Olga Belova, Russia; Tatiana Kivshar, Russia; Daria Zhuravkova, RussiaHigh-speed video observation of lightning flashes over Johannesburg, South Africa 2017 - 2018Carina Schumann, South Africa; Hugh G P Hunt, South Africa; Jesse Tasman, South Africa; Haydn Fensham, South Africa; Ken Nixon, South Africa; Tom Warner, United States; Marcelo M. F. Saba, BrazilLightning-initiated Upward Lightning Flashes Observed at Tokyo Skytree in April 2017Toru Miki, Japan; Mikihisa Saito, Japan; Takatoshi Shindo, Japan; Masaru Ishii, Japan; Namiko Sakurai, Japan

Session Chairs: Renato Procopio, Italy; Karol Aniserowicz, Poland

Study on responses of SPDs against the transient voltages generated by CG flashesNilantha Sapumanage, Sri Lanka; Sankha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Sidath Abeygunawardena, Sri Lanka; Lasantha Chandimal, Sri Lanka; Pasan Hettiarachchi, Sweden; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenAnalytical and Numerical Calculations of Overvoltages in Underground Cable of Intrusion Detection System Directly Hit by LightningKarol Aniserowicz, Poland; Renata Markowska, PolandHow physical attributes of transient voltages limits the efficiency of SPD arrayN Sapumanage, Sri Lanka; S Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Sidath Abegunawardena, Sri Lanka; M Fernando, Sri Lanka; V Cooray, SwedenRequirements on surge protective devices in modern DC-gridsFranz Schork, Germany; Ralph Brocke, Germany; Thomas Böhm, Germany; Michael Rock, GermanyInfluence of Spatial Grid-like Shield Dimensions on Attenuation of Nearby Lightning Magnetic FieldTomasz Maksimowicz, Poland; Karol Aniserowicz, PolandAdvanced Monitoring, Diagnostics, Remote Indication and Testing of SPDs Connected to Telecommunications and Signalling NetworksGernot Finis, Germany; Martin Wetter, Germany; Holger Heckler, Germany; Steffen Pfoertner, Germany
Triggered lightningLP of buildings
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Carlo Alberto Nucci, Italy; Renato Procopio, Italy

Characteristics of current surges in rocket triggered lightningZilong Ma, China; Rubin Jiang, China; Zhuling Sun, China; Mingyuan Liu, China; Hongbo Zhang, China; Yunjiao Pu, ChinaUsing tethered drones to investigate ESD in wind turbine blades during fair and thunderstorm weatherJoan Montanyà, Spain; Jesús Alberto López, Spain; Pol Fontanes, Spain; Michele Urbani, Spain; Oscar van der Velde, Spain; David Romero, SpainExperiments for Multiphase Flashover Study in Medium-Voltage Line due to Direct Lightning hitShozo Sekioka, JapanExperimental Study on Interception Efficiency of Receptor on Wind Turbine Blade with Brine AdhesionWanshui Yu, China; Minhao Zhang, China; Zixin Guo, China; Yufei Ma, China; Waqas Arif, China; Qingmin Li, China; Wah Hoon Siew, United Kingdom

Session Chairs: Pantelis Mikropoulos, Greece; Mitchell Guthrie, USA 

Minimum separation between lightning protection system and non-integrated metallic structuresNarjes Fallah, Iran; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia; Mehdi Izadi, Malaysia; M. Z. A. Ab Kadir, Malaysia; Rebaz J. Ahmed, Malaysia; Jasronita bt Jasni, MalaysiaLightning protection of tall buildings with glass facade architectureSatheesh Jacob, United Kingdom; WH Siew, United KingdomCoordinated SPD system: probability of damage evaluationRoberto Pomponi, ItalyInvestigation Report on Lightning Damage on Inuyama Castle and Related Lightning Impulse Voltage and Current Test of TileYuta Naito, Japan; Shunichi Yanagawa, Japan; Akira Shimada, Japan; Kazuhiro Hayashi, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, Japan
Wednesday, 5 September 2018
LEMPPractical LP
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Jovan Cvetic, Serbia

Current and magnetic field distribution in a real structureVolodymyr Kniaziev , Ukraine; Stas Shalamov , UkraineParametric and Statistical Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages by Exact Analytical SolutionsAmedeo Andreotti, Italy; Antonio Pierno, Italy; Daniela Proto, Italy; Antonio Sforza, Italy; Claudio Sterle, Italy; Fabio Mottola, ItalyElectromagnetic Fields at Far Distances From The Peissenberg Tower Struck by Lightning in Presence of a Horizontally Stratified GroundMohamed Omari, Algeria; Abdenbi Mimouni, AlgeriaLightning Protection of a Compact MV Power Line Sharing the same Poles of a HV LineAlberto Borghetti, Italy; Guilherme Martinez Ferraz, Brazil; Fabio Napolitano, Italy; Carlo Alberto Nucci, Italy; Alexandre Piantini, Brazil; Fabio Tossani, ItalyCalculation of Lightning-induced Voltages for Power Distribution LinesJingwei Fu, China; Jianwei An, China; Gang Liu, China; Te Li, China; Shijun Xie, China; Jun Deng, China; Chijie Zhuang, China; Jinliang He, ChinaBreakdown of 15 kV Insulators under Bipolar Oscillating Impulse VoltageAlexandre Silva, Brazil; Alexandre Piantini, Brazil; Daiana Silva, Brazil; Miltom Shigihara, Brazil

Session Chairs: Maria Teresa Correia de Barros, Portugal; Stephan Pack, Austria

Analysis of lightning behavior in external floating roof tanksDarwin Marin, Colombia; Camilo Younes, ColombiaApplicability of the risk assessment in international standards to HVDC converter stationsJoan Hernandez, Sweden; Liliana Arevalo, Sweden; Harvey Hammarsten, SwedenEarth system and its improvement for shield of cable with Separable ConnectorKenichi Seki, Japan; Takashi Tsuchida, Japan; Nobuya Oka, Japan; Hiroyuki Sugihara, Japan; Atsushi Akiba, Japan; Toru Hiroki, Japan; Hiroyuki Tada, Japan; Masahiro Yamazaki, Japan; Shozo Sekioka, JapanOn the behaviour of polymer insulator with deposited moss on the surface against lightning in polluted air conditionMahdi Izadi, Malaysia; Farah Askyn Abd Rahman, Malaysia; Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir, Malaysia; Jasronita Jasni, Malaysia; Muhammad Safwan Ab Rahman, MalaysiaStudy on Application of Random Bidirectional Discharge Model in Risk Assessment of Lightning Disaster at AirportShuyu Yu, China; Zheng SHI, ChinaStandardization of lightning protection in oil and oil products pipeline transportIlgizar A. Khuzyaganiev, Russia; Kirill A. Trusov, Russia; Leonid Y. Mogilner, Russia
(Room P)

Topics: Lightning protection of electronic systems; Lightning protection of renewable energy systems; Practical lightning protection; Lightning protection and lightning testing standards; Lightning safety, medicine and education; High-voltage/triggered lightning experiments for simulation of lightning effects

Session Chair: Josef Birkl, Germany

History of lightning protection in Zagan and WroclawKrystian Chrzan, PolandInsight of SPD limitations cause by incident phaser angle and the physical attributes of transient voltagesNilantha Sapumanage, Sri Lanka; Sankha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Sidath Abeygunawardena, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenAnalysis of Lightning Transient Effects on Hybrid Renewable Energy SourcesZmnako Mohammed, Malaysia; Hashim Hizam, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes, MalaysiaApplication of FDS fuses to DC 1000V photovoltaic systemsAtsushi Sato, Japan; Yasuo Oda, JapanOn In Situ Lightning Current Impulse Testing in a Large Free Field PV PlantPieter H Pretorius, South AfricaImpulse flashover characteristics of oil palm trunk (OPT) veneer plywoodAshen Gomes, Malaysia; E Yee Lim, Malaysia; T. Islam, Malaysia; M.T. Parida, Malaysia; A.C.Y. Choo, Malaysia; A.H. Juliana, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia; M Z A Ab Kadir, Malaysia; Amesh Eromal Gomes, MalaysiaInfluence of Hiring , Selection Process and Safety Training on Lightning Safety Performance in Iranian Manufacturing CompaniesMaryam Hajikhani, Malaysia; Mahdi Izadi, Malaysia; Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir, MalaysiaResearch of Lightning Multi-pulse Surge Protective Devices for low voltage distribution systemsYang Hui, China; Yang Yan, ChinaLightning Damages in Glass Fiber-Epoxy Composite Material for Aerospace ApplicationsChen Ciang Chia, Malaysia; Chia Sheng Gan, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes , Malaysia; Norkhairunnisa Mazlan, Malaysia; Ashen Gomes, MalaysiaTemporary Overvoltage (TOV) Test Values for SPDs in JapanKensuke Kaito, Japan; Hidetaka Sato, Japan; Yoshinosuke Arai, JapanAnalysis of a Fatality Case Caused by "a Bolt from the Blue"Yijun Zhang, China; Qiyuan Yin, China; Lvwen Chen, ChinaAnalysis of Lightning-Induced Overvoltage Waveform ParametersShe Wang, China; Shijun Xie, China; Chijie Zhuang, China
LP of power systemsLightning safety
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Carlo Alberto Nucci, Italy; Jinliang He, China

Fault Rate of Power Distribution Line Connected to Wind Turbine by Winter LightningKoji Michishita, Japan; Akifumi Hirao, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, JapanStudy of lightning performance of 400 kV transmission line interconnecting Poland and Lithuania (LitPol) in years 2016 -2017Marek Łoboda, Poland; Krzysztof Lenarczyk, Poland; Stanislaw Pokora, PolandConcurrent Flashover Characteristics in a Paralell Gap ConfigurationTakatoshi Shindo, Japan; Megumu Miki, Japan; Toru Miki, Japan; Mikihisa Saito, JapanDisparity in the lightning performance between the poles of the Cahora-Bassa HVDC linesGavin Strelec, South Africa; Hugh Hunt, South Africa; Ken Nixon, South AfricaComparing the Surge Transfer Characteristics of Two Single-Phase Distribution TransformersIsabela D. Metzker, Brazil; Alberto De Conti, Brazil; Denis G. B. Mariano, BrazilA study of Degradation Characteristics and Diagnostic Method of Lightning Surge Arrester for 6.6kV Power Distribution LinesYasuaki Yoneda, Japan; Yoshiyasu Koga, Japan; Tomoyuki Sato, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, Japan

Session Chairs: Mary Ann Cooper, USA; Ronald Holle, USA

African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network (ACLENet) - Progress ReportMary Ann Cooper, United States; Richard Tushemereirwe, Uganda; Ronald Holle, United StatesLightning Fatalities in Africa from 2010-2017Ronald Holle, United States; Mary Ann Cooper, United StatesComparative Study on Lightning Fatality Rate in Malaysia between 2008 and 2017A.R. Syakura, Malaysia; M.Z.A. Ab Kadir, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia; M. Izadi, Malaysia; A.B. Elistina , Malaysia; M.A. Cooper, United StatesLightning Fatalities in Malawi: A retrospective study from 2010 to 2017Leonard Kalindekafe, Malawi; Steven Gondwe, Malawi; Vincent Katonda, Malawi; Tamara Nthara, Malawi; Chikondi Chisenga, Malawi; Patricia Gomani, Malawi; Thokozani Kapichi, Malawi; Malazi Mkandawire, Malawi; Ronald Holle, United StatesSpecifying the Psychological Syndrome post Electric and Lightning Shock: Formulation for DSMChristopher Andrews, Australia; Andrew Reisner, United States; Mary Ann Cooper, United StatesThe Feasibility of Computerized Tomography in Standard Forensic Autopsy Lightning CasesRyan Blumenthal, South Africa; Elizabeth Van Der Walt, South Africa; Neil Kenneth Morris, South Africa; Zarina Lockhat, South Africa
CanteenSenate HallRoom V319
LP and standardsLightning occurrence
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Zdobyslaw Flisowski, Poland; Alexander Kern, Germany

Subtleties affecting the exactness of the assessment of the structure lightning hazardZdobysław Flisowski, Poland; Przemysław Sul, PolandInvestigation Methods and Techniques for Plasma Characterisation in a Spark Gap Model at Surge Currents – a ReviewTobias Runge, Germany; Tobias Hartmut Kopp, Germany; Michael Kurrat, GermanyExtremely high lightning peak currentsJosef Birkl, Germany; Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Alexander Kern, Germany; Stephan Thern, GermanyThe 2018 Revision of The Standard IEC 61400-24: Lightning Protection of Wind TurbinesYaru Mendez, Venezuela; Troels Sørensen, Denmark; Andy Plumer, United States; Josef Birkl, Germany; S. F. Madsen, Denmark; Joan Montanya, SpainDetermining the leakage current resistive component by the orthogonal vector methodMarek Olesz, PolandExperiment Research on Residual Voltage Characteristics of 10kV Entire Arrester Under 8/20us Impulse CurrentWenbo YU, China; Li CAI, China; Jianguo WANG, China; Yadong FAN, China; Yutong XIAO, China; Xin ZOU, China

Session Chairs: Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia

Students’ t-distribution modelling of LLS location errorsHugh GP Hunt, South Africa; Kenneth J. Nixon, South Africa; Ian R. Jandrell, South Africa; Wolfgang Schulz, AustriaDevelopment of real-time lightning observation system for short-term forecast of extreme weather events in the Philippines under ULAT projectKozo Yamashita, Japan; Mitsuteru Sato, Japan; Yukihiro Takahashi, Japan; Hisayuki Kubota, Japan; Eriko Momota, Japan; Jun-ichi Hamada, Japan; Jun Matsumoto, Japan; Shin-ya Kojima, Japan; Yo-ichi Katahira, JapanLightning Localization Based on VHF Broadband Interferometer Developed in Sri LankaRuwan Abeywardhana, Sri Lanka; Sidath Abegunawardana, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando; Upul Sonnadara, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenLow-cost systems for measurement of lightning-currents provided with remote accessListz Araújo, Brazil; Silvério Visacro, BrazilLightning Flash with New Channel Stroke on Summer at South Kyushu in JapanKoji Michishita, Japan; Yuto Ishizaka, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, Japan; Koji Takano, Japan; Michihiro Matsui, Japan
LP and standardsGrounding
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Aleksander Kern, Germany; Josef Birkl, Germany

Long-Wave-Tail Current Generator to Generate Real Winter Lightning CurrentKazuo Yamamoto, Japan; Kotaro Masuda, Japan; Shinichi Sumi, JapanLightning-type Current Pulse Tests on Conductive FabricsCristancho Jorge Alejandro, Colombia; Rivera Carlos Andrés, Colombia; Rodríguez Jorge Enrique, Colombia; Pantoja John Jairo, Colombia; Román Francisco José, ColombiaSurge Withstand Capability of Parallel-connected Metal Oxide VaristorsYoshimasa Tsujimoto, Japan; Naoyuki Tsukamoto, Japan; Ryosuke Tsuge, Japan; Yoshihiro Baba, JapanExperimental investigation of the damage of carbon steel sheets coated with anticorrosion coatings under simulated lightning currentsMingqiu Dai, China; Yakun Liu, China; Zhengcai Fu, China; Xuan Liu, China; Xiaolei Bi, ChinaDevelopment of a Template for the Risk Assessment for Lightning Protection System Design based on MS IEC 62305Mohamad Adib Ahmad Fathi, Malaysia; Siow Chun Lim, Malaysia; Lee Cheng Pay, MalaysiaFinite Element Simulation of a ZnO Varistor Stressed by a 4/10us Current ImpulseZhiyao Fu, China; Junjia He, China; Jiazheng Lu, China

Session Chairs: Manu Haddad, UK; Silverio Visacro, Brazil

Approach Techniques for Detecting Disconnected Locations of Down Conductors inside Wind Turbine Blades without Trial and ErrorNawakun Triruttanapiruk, Japan; Ippei Kodera, Japan; Kazuo Yamamoto, JapanThe behavior of earthing impedance and step-potential for surge currentsManoj Rajakaruna, Sri Lanka; Sankha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Nilantha Sapumange, Sri Lanka; Lasantha Chandimal, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray, SwedenImpedance behaviour of earth enhancing compound under lightning transient conditionsLasantha Chandimal, Sri Lanka; Pasan Hettiarachchi, Sweden; Sankha Nanayakkara, Sri Lanka; Nilantha Sapumanage, Sri Lanka; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka; Vernon Cooray , Sweden; Mahbubur Rahman, Sri LankaDesign of Counterpiose Grounding Electrodes for Transmission Towers in High Soil Resistivity AreaPeerawut Yutthagowith, Thailand; Anantawat Kunakorn, ThailandVariations of Soil Resistivity Values due to Grounding System Installations with Natural Enhancement Material MixturesWai Luen Lai, Malaysia; Wan Fatinhamamah Wan Ahmad, Malaysia; Jasronita Jasni, Malaysia; Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab-Kadir, MalaysiaA Study on Bentonite and Kenaf Properties for Grounding PurposesWan Fatinhamamah Wan Ahmad, Malaysia; Nurul Haziqah Hamzah, Malaysia; Jasronita Jasni, Malaysia; Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab-Kadir, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia
Thursday, 6 September 2018
LP of transportationLP of power systems
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Koji Michishita, Japan; Volodymyr Shostak, Ukraine

Estimating Aircraft Lightning Strike Severity Distributions for Geographic Location and Operational BehaviourPeter Thomas, United Kingdom; Simeon Earl, United Kingdom; Chris Jones, United KingdomPractical Approach for High Current Radome TestingChristian Karch, Germany; Wolfgang Zischank, Germany; Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Mircea Calomfirescu, GermanyOptical Techniques for the Analysis of Outgassing of Composite Aircraft Joints Under Lightning ConditionsDaniel Carr, United Kingdom; David Clark, United Kingdom; Chris Stone, United Kingdom; Manu Haddad, United Kingdom; Simon Evans, United Kingdom; Matthew Jenkins, United Kingdom; Matthew Cole, United KingdomImproved Tramway Surge ProtectionRousseau Alain, France; Aragones Alfred, France; Rougier Gilles, FranceThe use of renewable energy sources in the power supply systems of selected level crossings devicesRyszard Mielnik, Poland; Zofia Wróbel, PolandSurge threats appear in railway devices feeding linesZofia Wróbel, Poland

Session Chairs: Alexandre Piantini, Brazil; Alain Rousseau, France

Lightning Risk Assessment for Street Lighting SystemsRousseau Alain, France; Guthrie Mitchell, United StatesNovel ZnO Varistors for Dramatically Improving Protective Effect of Surge ArrestersPengfei Meng, China; Yao Zhou, China; Jinbo Wu, China; Jun Hu, China; Jinliang He, ChinaThe Lightning Shielding Effect to ±1100 kV UHVDC Line Provided by a Parallel 500kV AC Line in a Joint Right-of-WayZezhong Sun, China; Lei Lan, China; Changcheng Zhu, ChinaDevelopment of A Portable Type I to III Lightning Surge Protective Device for Compact StructuresAshen Gomes, Malaysia; Chandima Gomes, Malaysia; Mond Zainal Abidin Ab Kadir, Malaysia; Zmnako Mohammed Khurshid, MalaysiaResearch on Structure and Experiment of Multi-series-gap Lightning Protection Device for 10 kV Distribution LinesYao YAO, China; Jingwei FU, China; Xiaoping LI, China; Yaodong ZHANG, China; Xueming ZHOU, China; Tao WANG, ChinaEstimation of Phase-to-Phase Flashover Rate of 6.6 kV Distribution LinesKazuyuki Ishimoto, Japan; Ryota Mori, Japan; Akira Asakawa, Japan; Shingo Hara, Japan; Nobutaka Arai, Japan
LP of telecommun. LEMP
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Jinliang He, China; Mahendra Fernando, Sri Lanka

Effect of lightning strikes on optical fibres installed on overhead line conductorsManu A. Haddad, United Kingdom; Christopher Stone, United Kingdom; David Clark, United Kingdom; Fabio Pittalà, Germany; Maxim Kuschnerov, Germany; Changsong Xie, GermanyPeculiarities of lightning influence upon optical fiber cablesStanislav Sokolov, RussiaLightning Current Distribution of the Radio Base Station with a Steel TowerHongcai Chen, Hong Kong; Qingsha S. Cheng, China; Yang Zhang, Hong Kong; Patrick Y. Du, Hong Kong; Mingli Chen, Hong KongSelf-contained Isolation System using Surge-mitigation Components against Lightning Surge and EM Wave for ICT and IoT EquipmentHidetaka Sato, Japan

Session Chairs: Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Ken Nixon, South Africa

Distant Electric Fields from Lightning Return Strokes: Influence of Soil Stratification and Frequency-Dependent ParametersQuanxin Li, China; Marcos Rubinstein, Switzerland; Jianguo Wang, China; Li Cai, China; Mi Zhou, China; Farhad Rachidi, SwitzerlandLightning performance of aerial distribution lines with neutral wire and conductive polesJosé Osvaldo Paulino, Brazil; Wallace Boaventura, Brazil; Celio Barbosa, BrazilLightning Performance of Non-Homogeneus Overhead Distribution LinesEdison Andrés Soto Ríos, Colombia; Ernesto Pérez González, ColombiaRepresentation of Lightning Return Stroke Channel in FDTD Code and its Impact on Lightning-Produced Electric Field CalculationGe ZHANG, Hong Kong; Mingli CHEN, Hong Kong; Ya-ping DU, Hong Kong
(Bobrka - World’s First Oil Drill)

Tour Program

  • Transfer from Rzeszów
  • Museum of Oil and Gas Industry (Bóbrka) - sightseeing
  • Dinner – barbeque buffet
  • Transfer to Rzeszow

Price:  Included in the Registration Fee

Friday, 7 September 2018
Railway systemsLP of renew. energy
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Koji Michishita, Japan; Hitoshi Hayashiya, Japan

Experimental study on surge response of grounding system of traction substationHitoshi Hayashiya, Japan; Tomohiro Oowaku, Japan; Tetsuaki Ikeda, Japan; Yuji Inoue, Japan; Masahir Yoshida, Japan; Hisaaki Mitome, Japan; Makoto Nakajima, Japan; Akira Matsumoto, Japan; Gaku Morita, Japan; Yusuke Yamamoto, Japan; Shinju Yasui, JapanThe Protection of DC Railway Traction Power Supply Systems Against Direct Lightning StrikeMirosław Zielenkiewicz, Poland; Tomasz Maksimowicz, Poland; Radosław Burak-Romanowski, PolandAnalytical Study on Improvement of Traction Substation’s Grounding System for lightning overvoltage reductionShinji Yasui, Japan; Yusuke Yamamoto, Japan; Yasumoto Nakao, Japan; Shinichi Kobayashi, Japan; Masaki Ogihara, Japan; Hitoshi Hayashiya, JapanEffect Evaluation of Lightning Protection Measures on Train Detectors for Level Crossing SystemHideki Arai, Japan; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Yuto Ono, JapanEffect of Rectifier on Transient Characteristics of Transformer at DC Substation for Electric Railway.Kenji TANOUE, Japan; Hiroki TANAKA, JapanAnalysis of Lightning Overvoltage Generated in Signal Cable by FDTD Method and Comparison of the Analysis Result with Actual Observed ResultYuto Ono, Japan; Tatsuya Omori, Japan; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Hideki Arai, Japan

Session Chairs: Masaru Ishii, Japan; Michael Rock, Germany

Lightning Ground Flash Density and Evaluation of Lightning Risk for Wind Turbines in Coastal Areas of the Sea of JapanMichihiro Matsui, Japan; Koji Michishita, Japan; Shigeru Yokoyama, JapanEffect of Inductive Grounding Impedance on Lightning Transients in Wind FarmAkifumi Yamanaka, Japan; Naoto Nagaoka, Japan; Hiroshi Morita, JapanMeasurement of lightning currents on high structures and wind turbinesJosef Birkl, Germany; Thomas Böhm, Germany; Gerhard Diendorfer, Austria; Fridolin Heidler, Germany; Christian Paul, Germany; Hannes Pichler, AustriaOn the Effect of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) Placement for Grid-connected Solar PV FarmNur Hazirah Zaini, Malaysia; Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Zainal Abidin Ab. Kadir , Malaysia; Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd. Amran Mohd. Radzi, Malaysia; Dr. Mahdi Izadi, Iran; Nor Izzati Ahmad, Malaysia; Dr. Norhafiz Azis, Malaysia; Mohd Solehin Mohd Nasir , MalaysiaOverview of Lightning Damage Countermeasure Guideline for Hydrogen StationsKazuki Oobayashi, Japan; Takeo Ijichi, Japan; Nobuhiro Ohno, Japan; Shozo Sekioka, JapanTime Domain Analysis of the Lightning Interaction with Wave Energy ConvertersPasan Hettiarachchi, Sweden; André Lobato, Sweden; Vernon Cooray, Sweden; Mats Leijon, Sweden
Railway systemsLP of power systems
Room ARoom B

Session Chairs: Hitoshi Hayashiya, Japan; Koji Michishita, Japan

Proposal of a novel method to evaluate lightning shield of catenaries system using wide-angle lensHitoshi Hayashiya, Japan; Naoki Shimamura, Japan; Yukitoshi Miyauchi, Japan; Takeo Kikuchi, Japan; Shinichi Ueda, JapanLightning Protection of Control Board Equipped with Electronic EquipmentGaku Morita, Japan; Shin-ichi Hirai, Japan; Koji Michishita, JapanA Study on Lifetime of ZnO Varistor for Signalling Electronic Equipment in Railway Track EnvironmentHiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Takuya Nomura, Japan; Hideki Arai, JapanEffect of Rectifier Circuit on Lightning Surge on Traction TransformerHiroki Tanaka, Japan; Kenji Tanoue, Japan; Hirokazu Miyaguchi, Japan; Naoto Nagaoka, JapanA Study of Failure Factor of Resonant Capacitor for Impedance BondTakuya Nomura, Japan; Hiroyuki Fujita, Japan; Yuto Ono, Japan; Hideki Arai, Japan; Yohei Hizawa, Japan; Hiroshi Shida, JapanLightning surge analysis in light rail transit using the FDTD methodBinghao Li, Hong Kong; Ruihan Qi, Hong Kong; Patrick Y. DU, Hong Kong; Mingli Chen, Hong Kong

Session Chairs: Alexandre Piantini, Brazil; Jinliang He, China

Comparison and Analysis on Key Performance of EHV/UHV DC Transmission Line Surge ArrestersShanqiang Gu, China; Jian Wang, China; Shuai Wan, China; Wei Cao, China; Jinliang He, ChinaA Methodology to Evaluate the Performance of Distribution Feeders Against Lightning: Fundamentals, Case Study and Computational ToolRoberto Jose Cabral, Argentina; Daniel da Silva Gazzana, Brazil; Roberto Chouhy Leborgne, Brazil; Arturo Suman Bretas, United States; Guilherme Alfredo Dentzien Dias, Brazil; Marcos Tello, BrazilLightning Wave Propagation Characteristics of an Overhead Line with Insulated Phase ConductorsAlex C. Silva, Brazil; Alberto De Conti, Brazil; Ósis E. S. Leal, BrazilPrototype of multi-chamber loop-type arrester for 110 kV OHL lightning protectionG.V. Podporkin, Russia; E.Yu. Enkin, Russia; Yu.V. Kretov, Russia; V.N. Pankratiev, Russia; V. Е. Pilschikov, RussiaThe Impact of the Distribution of Lightning Strikes along the Span on Backflashover Rate of Transmission LinesFernando H. Silveira, Brazil; Silverio Visacro, Brazil; Rafael M. Gomes, Brazil; Rafael S. Ono, Brazil
(Room A)

Tour Program

  • Transfer to Krakow after lunch
  • Underground permanent exhibition
  • St. Florian’s Gate
  • The Main Square
  • St. Mary’s Basilica
  • Wawel Hill and the Royal Cathedral
  • Casimir
  • Transfer to Rzeszow

Note: You can stay in Krakow for the weekend and take advantage of the large number of flights from the Krakow-Balice airport in the return route!

Price:  60 Euro per person (with ticket to Underground ) - min 10 person


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